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Using an ahhCOOL bandana in the workplace will contribute significantly to the reduction of heat stress and fatigue, resulting in a safer, healthier more productive work environment. The employee and employer both benefit.

The possibilities for ahhCOOL bandana usage in the workplace, both indoors and outdoors, are endless:


- large open spaces where air conditioning is not possible (warehouses,  foundaries, assembly lines and
   manufacturing among countless others).
- older buildings where installing air conditioning is not practical (hospitals, schools and old age homes).
- industrial condos with poorly designed air conditioning systems.

In short, an ahhCOOL bandana can benefit anyone who is too warm in a work environment designed to please many (but not all) employees.


Outdoor work doesn't stop just because the weather is too uncomfortable:

- construction - commercial, industrial, residential, road construction, etc.
- agricultural - farming, livestock, gardeners, landscapers.
- service - lifeguards, mechanics, electricians, technicians, courriers.
- institutional - mail carriers, bus drivers, police, firefighters.

Traditionally, many areas of the world (north eastern North America, for example) had climates with a few hot periods during summer. Generally, these 'hot spells' were tolerated because they were not frequent enough to severely disrupt personal comfort and productivity.

Now, with global warming, we are seeing these previously tolerable climates getting hotter more frequently and for longer periods of time, resulting in worker productivity and comfort steadily declining. The ahhCOOL bandana is an ideal solution in these  climatic areas, where the weather is just begining to become uncomfortable.