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This is a simple product and the guarantee should be just as simple:

We will do whatever it takes to have you as a satisfied customer, provided you do your part, which is to just follow the usage instructions.

The greatest source of problems is the storage of the bandana when it is hydrated. Because the cloth is always damp (when hydrated) there is always the risk of mold forming. If this happens, you will see random black spots on the bandana. At this stage, nothing can be done as the mold will rot the cloth and small holes will appear where ever you have spots.

Mold formation can be completely avoided by always having abundant air circulating around a hydrated bandana. A good place for interim storage is on a shower curtain rod, since most homes usually have their bathroom window open most of the time. The bandana can also be hung on a clothes line or on a kitchen cabinet knob.

Under no circumstances should the damp bandana be stored in an enclosed space such as a drawer, plastic bag or a closed container. The only exception to this advice is if you're transporting a hydrated bandana to be worn elsewhere. The less time spent in a container, the better. In general, 4 hours or less in an enclosed space shouldn't present any problems. I would be wary of enclosing the bandana for 12 hours or more. Times between 4 and 12 hours should be a judged on a case by case basis.


ahhCOOL bandanas are sewn by hand and the crystals are inserted manually as well. Human nature, being what it is, there's always a possibility of error: in the stitching, the amount of crystals inserted, defects in the cloth, etc.

Each bandana is examined at least once for defects, but the inspectors are human too :-)

If our bandanas don't meet your expectations, let us know, and we will do whatever is necessary to have you as a satisfied customer.