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Vacation usage generates considerable, strong feedback, usually from bandana users who discovered the product while on vacation in very hot climates. Their stories are remarkably similar.

One story recounts how they were suffering due to extreme heat, while one or more of their fellow travelers had bandanas and were completely comfortable. These people come to us, and without hesitation, purchase bandanas, usually more than one. Our favorite kind of customer. 

A 2nd variation tells how the vacationer, through chance or foresight, managed to acquire a bandana for their southern vacation. Almost everyone swears their vacation was saved by having a bandana handy.

Foreign vacations are where the bandana's ability to evaporate for long periods of time on 1 soaking really shines. Many foreign destinations are not blessed with a readily available supply of clean water. It is on vacation's of this type, that we strongly recommend hydrating your bandana fully whenever the opportunity arises, since you never know when the next chance to soak your bandana will appear.