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See What our customers think of our bandanas



"I have really enjoyed the bandanas and they have allowed me to enjoy extreme heat on many trips. Also very useful during workouts at the gym. They have been a life saver while going through years of "hot flashes".
I had three bandanas but they were needed by family members so I passed them along and will now have to replace them. My mother is in a nursing home and her medications cause severe sweating. She loves the AhhCool bandanas and they give her relief without having to use wet towels, etc. to cool down.
I found the website straight forward and everything is explained clearly. I am very satisifed with the quality of the bandanas and the variety of patterns. My bandanas arrived with no issues."
L. L-B., Halifax, NS

"I use the bandanas for Health reasons (I have ataxia), overheating is a problem for me. I loved the ease of using the website and delivery was very quick. Thanks for the great product."
J. W., Mississauga, ON

"I used the bandana in Cuba last year and I thought the bandana was a life saver for me as I mind the heat. I used it most everyday around my neck. I order two at the time and I have told my friends about them. Thanks again and keep up the good work."
S.H., Westville, NS

"i must admit i was skeptical. but it was 27 degrees out and i was going to be sitting in the sun the whole day. so i grabbed my ahh cool bandana and dunked it in a sink full of water.
the first thing that struck me was how it soaked up the water and literally swelled! and then when i took it out and dried it on the towel, the water did not drip out at all, in fact several hours later the bandana itself was completely dry but filled with this lovely cool water like a permanent cold compress on my neck, keeping my whole body cool!
this is a great product, i filled it once and used it for an entire week! plus they're cute!"
W.S., Montreal, QC

"A received a bandana this past Christmas from a friend and just finally tried it this week. It is amazing. Today I just used it around my neck while going out for a training walk, as I tend to get overheated then get heat stroke in the summer after long outdoor activities (running, biking, walking). I just had my best walk ever. It's ingenious, so simple and yet so effective."
L.D., London, ON

"I bought a blue paisley bandana on Saturday at Finnegan's Market. Besides it keeping me from wilting at the market that day, it also prevented my total meltdown the next day, while walking downtown. It's fantastic!"
S. K., Montreal, QC

"I love my ahhcool bandanas. Thank you."
H. L., Hudson, QC