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Leisure activities, for us, includes all activities other than sleeping and working.

We regularly hear from people participating in relatively sedentary activities (reading, bird watching) who are surprised at their increased comfort due to wearing an ahhCOOL bandana. Of course, this observation is even more relevant to people engaged in more vigorous activities such as gardening, carpentry, kite flying, etc.)

Activities would include local events such as concerts, sports contests, shopping, walking tours, running errands, etc. On certain days, these activities become less pleasurable due to global warming. An ahhCOOL bandana can make these activities enjoyable again.

Exercise & Sports
The line blurs between these 2 activities, but the ahhCOOL bandana's benefits are clear. Individual pursuits such as hiking, cycling, boating, etc. are much more satisfying and beneficial. Wearing an ahhCOOL bandana enables one to stay comfortable for longer periods of time, thereby allowing a person to spend more time doing what they truly enjoy.

Organized group activities are slightly different. For example, organized soccer does not allow wearing bandanas on the field for safety reasons. Players wearing a bandana on the bench, report increased comfort and more rapid recovery from physical exertion.

Many athletes and enthusiasts reject the wearing of a bandana due to the extra weight and the bandana's restriction to movement. These arguments are unfounded. If you are exercising intensively for a couple of hours, there is no need to fully hydrate your bandana. As mentioned on the instruction page, a simple 5 minute soaking will provide cooling relief for many hours. Some experimentation will surely lead to the ideal solution.

For example, in golf, a fully hydrated bandana would be distracting. A partially hydrated bandana is more than capable of providing cooling comfort for 4 to 5 hours. Tying a double knot in the bandana, and keeping it snug around your neck will result in no impediment to your movement (swing).

Likewise, when cycling, a double knot allows you to roll the bandana (see instruction page) with one hand while holding the handlebar with the other hand, for a much safer ride. Rolling the bandana with a single knot will cause the bandana to untie. An alternative would be to stop to roll the bandana, not a desirable option. Interestingly, the speed inherent in cycling increases the evaporation effect to the point that some cyclists complain that the bandana is too cold.

Based on the feedback received, it is clear, that with a little experimentation, the ahhCOOL bandana is highly adaptable to almost any activity.