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When we purchase something we rarely, if ever,  pay the price that is associated with that item. At the very least, we usually pay sales tax. Internet sales can be especially problematic. A common trick employed in web sales is to have an unusually low price to get your attention, then add exorbitant charges to the sale.  The web sales process typically does not reveal final charges until the end of a somewhat lengthy process of entering all your personal information such as shipping address and payment details. Web marketers know that the average consumer will not terminate the transaction at that stage. Psychologically, once a person has made a buying decision, they almost always go through with it despite warnings bells ringing. Typically, an elevated shipping charge can be very profitable for this type of web merchant.

We are different. We may be running a small business, but we are consumers as well. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated, with honesty and transparency.

The following table perfectly illustrates our business philosophy.

The price that you see for our bandanas ($10.99 for ahhCOOL and $8.49 for miniCOOL) is the price you pay and not a penny more. The only condition that we apply is a minimum purchase of 2 bandanas. The minimum  order can be 2 ahhCOOL bandanas, 2 miniCOOL bandanas or 1 of each.


Please note that the purchase of 3 or more ahhCOOL or 4 or more miniCOOL bandanas begins to earn you a volume discount on your purchase. Since your discount is based on the order total amount, any combination of ahhCOOL and miniCOOL bandanas contribute to your discount level.