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To order bandanas, go to the menu on your left.
Under Products/Categories, click on Bandanas (number represents products available).
Click on a sub-category, you are now viewing the product listing page for that category.

You can complete your order on this page, if the image detail is sufficient for you.
Change the zero in the quantity box(es) to the number of bandanas desired.
Then, click the "add selected products to cart" button at the top or bottom of the page.

If you prefer to examine bandana patterns more closely before purchasing,
click on any image on the product listing page.
You are taken to the product info page.

Here you will see a large image of the bandana pattern with a link to an even larger image.
In addition, there is an image of a bandana in the pattern selected, with a link to a larger image as well.
You can navigate to all patterns in that sub-category by using the "prev" and "next" buttons.

You can order bandanas on the info page as well.
But it's not the fastest way, if you are in a rush.

TIP: a quicker and easier way to order bandanas, is to examine the patterns on the info page, taking note of the 3
        digit part # of the patterns that interest you. Then, go back to the listing page and complete your order there.