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Complete Bandana Instructions

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Bandana Preparation

  • Spread crystals evenly in bandanna before soaking for more rapid absorption.
  • To wear as a headband, soak for 3 - 5 minutes.
  • To wear around neck, soak for about 15 minutes.
  • Do not over soak, as water absorption will continue and split the bandana's seams.
  • If your local water is hard, the absorption rate will be less. Try distilled or bottled water.
  • On initial use, if the bandanna feels oily or slippery, just rinse thoroughly before wearing.
  • Before wearing, roll bandanna in a towel to dry its surface.
  • Evaporation will continue, and your clothes will stay dry.
  • Always test bandanna for colour fastness, before wearing.

Wearing & Enjoying

  • Place around neck and tie a knot in bandanna. Initial coolness will slowly diminish.
  • Every 20 - 30 minutes, roll bandanna over (180 degrees) to restore initial coolness.
  • Every 24 hours, soak bandanna for 1 or 2 minutes to restore initial coolness.
  • If not used for more than 24 hours, hang in a well ventilated area to avoid mould growth.
  • If bandana is dry and doesn't feel cool, wet the fabric to restart evaporation.


  • To wash, hydrate bandanna fully, scrub gently in mild, soapy, warm water, then rinse thoroughly.
  • At end of season, insure bandanna is completely dry, or mould and/or rot may develop.
  • Hang in an airy, open space. Allow at least 10 - 14 days to dry thoroughly.