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How Bandanas Work

Bandanas perform their magic through a process called evaporation, which, in reality, is nature's own form of air conditioning.

Evaporation is all around us. Large bodies of water, clothes drying on a line, puddles disappearing are all forms of evaporation. In fact, every air conditioner we see around us whether it's a whole house unit, a window model, a car model or one that cools an entire office building, is using the evaporation principle...just like our bandanas.

Imagine! Having your own personal air conditioner that you can use whenever you want, that will last at least 5 years, and all that for less than the price of 2 drinks at a bar, or less than the price of a movie.

The best example of evaporation is medically related. Everyone remembers getting some sort of injection at one time or another. A nurse would disinfect the area where the needle was going to be used, by wiping the area with alcohol. Everybody remembers how the area became immediately cold, but very few people knew why. The reason is that alcohol has a very low evaporation temperature.

For personal comfort, water is the ideal substance. It is cheap and has a higher evaporation point, which means that the process of evaporation will last much longer. The rate of evaporation for a bandana will also be affected by temperature, humidity and wind velocity. Higher temperatures and winds will increase the cooling effect. Higher humidity levels will decrease the cooling effect.

An Ahhcool bandana, soaked for about 20 minutes, will keep you cool (through evaporation) for at least 3 days! This benefit is important in areas where clean water is not readily available, such as 3rd world countries or deserts.

In most areas of North America, clean water is readily available. The best way to use an AhhCool bandana in such areas is to initially soak the bandana to a size of your preference (5 to 7 minutes if it is worn as a headband, 15 to 25 minutes if it is worn around the neck) then, at the begining of each day that you plan to wear the bandana, just soak it for 1 or 2 minutes to bring it back to the previous day's state.

See the Usage section for additional suggestions.