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Comparing Products

Comparing different brands of bandanas can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of super absorbants available, many different fabrics, different sizes and variable levels of quality in the sewing and finish.

Here are some general guidelines for the layman.

Most bandanas are about 36” long x 1½ -2” wide. Watch out for the scammers who supply 32 – 34” bandanas. Those couple of inches make a big difference in ease of use. Ahhcool bandanas are 38” long x 2" wide.

Almost all bandana manufacturers use cotton as the material of choice because of it’s ability to wick moisture (capillary action). Other fabrics can wick well, but if you're not sure about the company, your best choice is cotton.

Super Absorbants
There are hundreds of super absorbants. One, a polymer called polyacrylamide, is considered to be the best choice for bandanas. Polyacrylamide is non-toxic and bio-degradeable and is used in agriculture and horticulture as well . Polyacrylamide will absorb up to about 400 times its own weight in water. If you see marketing material that makes claims in excess of 400 times, for example 600, 800 or even a 1,000 times its own weight in water, then it is some other material, usually a polyacrylate.

If you’ve ever bought cut flowers at a florist’s shop, the stems of the flowers are usually put into a clear gelatin-like substance. That’s polyacrylamide. Polyacrylate is the super absorbant used in disposable diapers and sanitary napkins. Ahhcool bandanas use only polyacrylamide crystals.

Check how the bandana is sewn. Some manufacturers take little pride in their work (we suppose) and all or some of their stitching is exposed. (see photos below).


A - Competitor's StitchingB - Competitor's Stitching


Although it takes longer to sew, Ahhcool bandanas will conceal the stitching where ever possible. (see photos below)


C - ahhCOOL StitchingD - ahhCOOL Stitching