Feb 7

Nous travaillons actuellement sur le nouveau site web. Il devrait être prêt d’ici une semaine. Si vous avez besoin de bandanas avant cette date, envoyez un e-mail à paiements@ahhcool.com

We are currently working on the new website. It should be ready within a week. If you need bandanas before then, please email to paiements@ahhcool.com


ahhCOOLTM bandanas provide instant and stylish relief from extreme heat conditions using nature’s own air conditioner, evaporation. This relief is achieved through soaking the ahhCOOLTM bandana in water for 5-25 minutes, where superabsorbent polymer crystals in the bandana take in up to 400 times their own weight in water, resulting in a cooling effect that lasts for several days! This process can be repeated over and over for a period of 5 to 10 years. In addition, ahhCOOLTM bandanas are non-toxic and completely bio-degradable.

ahhCOOL Bandanas – Founded in 2005. 
Celebrating over 14 Years on the Internet

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ahhCOOLTM Bandanas:

-the natural solution to virtually all heat stress problems.
-the ideal personal cooling device.
-suitable for work, play, sports and every day living.
-can be used by all… babies, children, adults, seniors, even pets!

To make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible,
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The price you see is what you pay, and not a penny more!

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